Meet the Team

Tara Hampton - Owner/Fitness Trainer

Tara Hampton

Tara is one of the leading fitness trainers in the US. She received a BA at Western Michigan University, where she earned a degree in exercise science and a minor in biology. She is regarded as one of the most intelligent and thoughtful experts on fitness and nutrition in the world today.

The Fitness Loft is the culmination of a personal-training career dedicated to helping people fulfill their full potential--physically, mentally and spiritually. With 15 years of experience as a personal trainer, Tara has been determined to create an environment that’s ideally suited to helping her clients realize all of their training and personal goals.

As owner and head trainer of The Fitness Loft, she has built that environment from a dream to the reality of an ideal training space that’s beautiful, motivational and designed for success. The goal at The Fitness Loft is to focus on being strong and healthy—Tara’s physical fitness challenge since childhood.

Tara has competed at the national level in many figure and fitness events, and has represented several nutritional supplement companies as a national spokesperson. She has been showcased as a fitness model and a role model for women in health and fitness publications.

Her message is based on a commitment to a healthy lifestyle: “I truly believe the benefits of exercise, stretching and feeling strong in our lives is a priceless gift. I really enjoy being the voice of encouragement for all of my clients.”