The Fitness Loft West*

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2015 Holiday Schedule

November 26th Thanksgiving Day (Thursday) - CLOSED

December 24th Christmas Eve (Thursday) - 5:30 am to 1 pm

December 25th Christmas Day (Friday) - CLOSED

December 31st New Year's Eve (Wednesday) - 5:30 am to 1 pm

January 1st, 2016 New Years (Thursday) - CLOSED

*Note: All the classes below are held in the West location 200 West Michigan Avenue, Battle Creek, MI, inside of Burnham Brook Community Center.

Current Weekly Schedule

9:00AM Cardio Drumming
10:10AM Pump
11:15AM Senior & Beginner Fitness
4:40PM Yoga Basics
5:30PM Pump

8:00AM Yoga Mix
9:00AM Fitness Fusion
10:10AM Body Worx Yoga
11:15AM Zumba
4:40PM Pure Cardio
5:30PM P90x
6:30PM Zumba

9:00AM Zumba Gold
10:10AM Sculpt & Stretch
11:15AM Senior & Beginner Fitness
4:40PM Yoga Basics
5:45PM Pump

9:00AM Cardio Drumming
10:10AM Pump
11:15AM Zumba
5:30PM PiYo

9:00AM Zumba Gold
10:10AM Yoga Basics
11:15AM Senior & Beginner Fitness

8:00AM Pump
9:00AM Combat
10:10AM Zumba

Description of Classes

PUMP is a barbell class that shapes, tones and strengthens your entire body. This 60-minute workout challenges your major muscle groups by using the best weight-room exercises such as squats, presses, lifts and curls. Focuses on high repetition movements with low weight loads. This will help you achieve gains in strength, lean muscle & shape changing results.

COMBAT is choreographed, mixed martial arts inspired workout. You will learn to punch, kick and strike your way to a fitter you. It is for everyone with moderate fitness levels, the moves are adjusted to your comfort level.

Fitness FusionAn exercise-to-music experience, which “fuses” the major workout disciplines, including cardio, resistance training, and stretching into a single class. This class combines aerobic dance, toning equipment and floor exercises to help you build or maintain endurance, strength, and flexibility in a fun and energizing way.

Butts and Gutts - This class focuses on strengthening those problem areas we all want to sculpt! The exercises in this class burn in all the right places – your gluteus and your abs! There are multiple modifications available, making this class great for every fitness level.

Tabata –20-30 minute high intensity interval training. It gets your heart rate up for about 20 seconds at a time and follows duration of rest and the appropriate amount of repetition. Tabata is guaranteed to fulfill your cardio needs & will have you on the fast track to building endurance as well as strength all while burning the maximum amount of fat!

Yoga Body Worx – Fusions of many styles of yoga are incorporated into this athletic moving class. The use of bands, balls, weights and equipment will challenge the core and help you to increase your strength and flexibility.

Yoga Basics Hatha (breath length) & Vinyasa (flowing poses) yoga. This class is invigorating, yet relaxing. Good for all ages and abilities. Come find the strength and length of your own body!

ZUMBA/ZUMBA GOLD A fun, cardio workout that is designed for people of varying ages and ability levels. It is based on Latin dance moves but being a dancer is not necessary. Anyone can Zumba! It is a full body workout that will tone, sculpt and invigorate. Zumba gold is specifically designed to bring them to the active senior, the beginner participant and others who may seek modifications. Zumba gold guarantees participants a safe and effective total body workout.

Cardio Drumming High energy cardiovascular workout using stability balls on a stand. You will "play" the stability balls around you for an exciting and invigorating exercise session. Cardio Drumming is good for all levels, and does not require musical experience...only the desire to move and have fun :-)

P90X Using the advanced science of Muscle Confusion, P90X is a well-organized training system that shows you how and when to change your routine for maximum results. These workouts use resistance and body-weight training, cardio, plyometric, ab work, martial arts and yoga.

Sculpt & Stretch – Join us for Fitness & Fun with this low impact floor exercise class. You will have a nice warm up, fun upper body sculpting workout, and also work abs, legs & glutes.

Senior & Beginner Fitness – Perfect for our senior exercisers and beginners who need something a little lighter, but not ready for a seated chair class. 20 minutes of Aerobic Exercise using easy to follow steps and moves, 15 minutes of balance work and functional strength training, 10 minutes of gentle movement and stretching.

PIYO is a low impact exercise class, great for those who want to get a good sweat without the jumping and high impact moves. You’ll work on your upper body strength and your flexibility.

Benefits By attending any of these classes 2-3 times per week, participants can expect: improvement in overall sense of well-being; improved flexibility and joint mobility; improved strength endurance and functional strength; increased core strength; improved coordination and balance; increased bone density; reduced stress levels and increased ability to relax & unwind; and potential weight loss through caloric expenditure and increased muscle tissue.

Who can participate, what to wear, what to bring?*

All classes cater to the needs of all fitness and experience levels. First-time exercisers will feel welcome and will be able to achieve success in all programs, keeping in mind that it does take up to three classes to develop a basic comfort level (as with any new activity). Wear comfortable clothes that will allow you to move. The studio is wonderfully air-conditioned, but light, breathable clothing is still recommended. For BODYFLOW you may want to bring your own mat. The Fitness Loft will also have mats available to use if needed.

* PLEASE NOTE: Clean "studio" shoes (athletic shoes that are brushed completely free of dirt and rocks and not worn outside prior to class, or new shoes that are reserved only for indoor activities) are required for all Zumba and BODYCOMBAT classes. No street shoes will be allowed inside the studio in order to preserve the wood floor and ensure cleanliness for the barefoot classes.

Classes are held at the Burnham Brook Community Center - 200 W. Michigan Ave. in Battle Creek, ages 13 and up and all backgrounds are welcome.